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Humans of all ages, from children to seniors and everyone in between, are living with chronic-stress – pursued by perils that threaten us on a daily basis. We’re afraid of running out of time, falling ill, not having enough money, enough sex, enough status. Not to mention, we’re bullied from the playground to the streets to the boardroom. We’re indignant about getting cut off in traffic, antagonized by co-workers, annoyed by children, worried about nuclear bombs, taxes, and the next election or season. These constant stress reactions are the new normal: from personal to financial, political to environmental, they press on and on.


Integrating a neurophysiological approach helps use and solidify the information in your brain and body.

Scientifically Validated

A scientifically-validated multi-year study has shown that this approach aids in stress management.


Over 25,000 people & organizations trust EVENPULSE for improving performance & recovery. 

Stress: The Final Frontier

When we live with this kind of constant stress, the price is high, although it can be hard to detect. It often appears as exhaustion, anxiety or a short temper. It also means elevated cortisol, reduced memory, poor digestion, disrupted sleep, and impaired relationships, not to mention preventing preventable diseases. Here’s the hard truth: stress kills. It lives at the root of every illness and if not managed makes the likelihood of recovery less likely.

The Good News? The Answer is INSIDE OF YOU!
One of the most powerful, personal discoveries you may ever make is realizing the answer to mastering stress is built within– which is great news considering that puts the power in your hands. We unlocked a simple formula for managing stress moment-to-moment and a potent way to flip the switch – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – from default to deliberate, from losing your shit, being clinically depressed and sacrificing loving relationships to being the master of your own domain. 

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This one’s for you

Basic Training for the Human Stress Response
It would be nice if we were born with an instruction manual but we’re not – so here we are. The fact is we need basic training. And no matter how masterful we become we need to return to it over and over again. Basic training means understanding your own neurophysiology – your brain, body, nervous system and adopting a set of skills to influence your stress response. It means gaining an ever-increasing awareness of what triggers you, and becoming more capable of choosing skills in the moment that will shift your direction and outcomes. 

The Benefits
To name a few, this kind of training and practice reduces nasty stress hormones that live at the root of all disease, painful inflammation throughout the body and brain, and the release from the grip of chronic anxiety. Stress mastery also improves overall wellness, sleep and mental-emotional health. In a 3-year, $3 million research study with 6,000 participants of the EVENPULSE training results showed lower levels of anxiety and depression, higher scores for well-being, fewer post-traumatic stress symptoms, and greater resilience. 

Take charge of stress and change your life
Welcome to the Universal Stress Course. No matter what adversities you face, no matter how much pain you are in, no matter how determined you are to get better – this Course gives you indispensable tools to do it. Taught by founders, Stephen and Elizabeth Robinson and various experts on stress and resilience, this premium online training provides you with neurophysiology basics and 25 skills for regulating mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual conditions within.


The Premium Subscription, known as BASE-R 360, includes the Universal Stress Course, rolling lessons and interviews for building resilience, monthly webinars and access to Ask-the-Coach. 
The Universal Course is self-paced and includes our seminal BASE-R Method™, a tried and true system for stress mastery and resilience building. You also receive the Brief Stress and Coping Inventory (BSCI), a scientifically validated instrument that will give you a picture of how stress is working (or not) in your life. Interviews and lessons include hearing from some of the most renowned experts on stress and trauma resolution and improved performance. The monthly webinar provides great information, science and on-going reminders for where and how to apply BASE-R™ from moment-to-moment and day-to-day. You also become part of the EVENPULSE community of badass human beings taking charge of their humanity.

Neurophysiology 101

25 skills for Stress Mastery

Brief Stress and Coping Inventory Assessment

   Monthly Webinar with Founders and Experts

   Interviews with Luminaries in Stress & Trauma Resolution

   Access to “Ask the Coach”

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Module 1
Intro & Framing 

Discover why this course is so relevant to  you, both on, and off the job for resilience building.

Module 2
Brain & Body Science  

Gain ability to influence your brain, body and nervous system in day-to-day, moment-to-moment scenarios.

Module 3
Autonomic Regulation  

Learn to manage your greatest asset in stress control and performance: Your breath.  

Module 4
Awareness  Building

Build your situational and internal awareness as a combined skill set for improving impact and performance.

Module 5
Modeling & Building Skills

Develop your abilities in every kind of situation via covert modeling, imagery and pre-scenario rehearsal.

Module 6
Managing Energy 

Harness the energy of mind, brain, and body by learning to regulate reactions to everyday situations.

Module 7
Recovery, Part I

Create a strategy to recover and restore purposefully for high stress, high performance and well-being.

Module  8
Recovery, Part II

Learn how to release held tension in the body, specifically the psoas muscle, for improved well-being.



Increased Overall Stress Resilience CD-RISC


Lower PTSD and Depression PCL/BDI


Increase Health and Well-Being SF36

Julie Hasset

Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer

“Practicing BASE-R has become part of my ‘muscle memory’ and has transformed my ability to manage stress levels, focus and energy.  It’s improved my sense of well-being and my ability to communicate. It has become core to who I am as mother, entrepreneur and coach.”

Peter Wallace

Communications Director

“I took the EVENPULSE training in 2014, and quickly realized that my experiences were going to stay with me the rest of my life. I learned that HOW I breathe completely changes how I feel physically and mentally. I learned how to perform at my peak, even when under pressure. I continue to use these tools every day, and I am grateful for the positive impact this training has had on my life.” 

EVENPULSE training has been taken by over 25,000 people in high-stress, high-performance professions, and has a 3-year, $3 million research study to back the results which include lower levels of anxiety and depression, higher scores for well-being, fewer post-traumatic stress symptoms, and greater resilience.  

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